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Australian Motorcycle racer Damian Cudlin has launched KAYO GP AUSTRALIA, teaming with KAYO MOTO to become the sole Australian distributor of KAYO MiniGP motorcycles.


The MINIGP MR150 was designed to fill a void- providing a road racing quality motorcycle at an affordable price. The 150cc four-stroke machine features Upside Down Forks, an adjustable Rear Shock, Disc Brakes, and Racing Slicks. There is also a huge selection of tuning parts available via the Kayo GP Australia website.


Having spent over a decade living and racing at the top level internationally, Damian became increasingly aware of the growing number of Junior and Recreational riders training and racing on smaller, go-kart style race tracks- giving the young racers a head start towards a career in racing, and average income earners a chance to go road racing just for fun.


His interest in the Kayo MiniGP 150’s grew as more and more Grand Prix riders began using this as an off-season training method- one that was suggested to Damian himself.


Now, with the introduction of the MR150 to Australia, Damian plans to provide an entry-level class that Mum’s and Dad’s can afford, and Adult enthusiasts can enjoy with their friends. His local venue, Pacific Park International in Port Macquarie, New South Wales is the first to approve this class, along with others, and will offer coaching, practice and racing days via his umbrella company, MotoStars. This program is a great starting place for budding junior racers.


“It’s impossible not to notice the talent coming from this form of racing in Europe. I’ve seen 8 year old kids in Spain on these things that would blow your mind, and I’ve seen recreational clubs in Malaysia with mates racing against each other without the fear of missing work on Monday.” Damian explained.


“I wanted to introduce something here that is simple, affordable, and accessible to regular families- not just millionaires- as well as a lot of fun for adult enthusiasts to play around on. These things are a hoot to ride.”


The Kayo MiniGP MR150 retails for the modest price of $4,399. Orders are being taken now with limited stock currently available.


For more details and enquiries, visit or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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